Thursday, June 9, 2011

Elmo Cake

This was my cake order for first birthday party of my friend's son who was turning one this year. The theme was elmo and so was the cake topped by elmo and cookie monster. It was a two-layered half-sheet vanilla cake filled with chocolate pudding. The white and red combination was a but obvious choice as red is the color of "elmo".  I used 4 yellow cake mix boxes for the two layers of cake and filled them with the chocolate pudding and iced the cake with whipped cream frosting. To make the cake more colorful as the one-year-old will be more interested in these things rather than eating it, I placed some balloons and colored stars and dots around the elmo and cookie monster. I had got the "sesame place" pole along with the two toys and I just inserted it with a toothpick into the cake....I was extremely happy that all the guests at the party liked the cake very much and kids loved it...

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