Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flower Basket Cake

This was the cake made by me to try out the basketweave border design during Christmas 2009....It is basic pound cake filled with strawberry cream filling and frosted with whipped cream.

Follow the vanilla cake directions in the Feb 2010 blog post.

Prepare the strawberry cream using 2-3 tbsp Smucker's Strawberry Seedless jam and whipped cream as required to bring in the creamy consistency.

First cut out the dome shape of two round cakes with a cake leveler or serrated knife to level them properly. Then spread the strawberry filling over top of one cake and place another cake upside down onto it. Now frost the cake with whipped cream. With the basketweave tip knit the basketweave design on the sides of the cake (You can get the videos of how to make basketweave design on the cake on youtube). Place the pink color flowers using the drop flower tip and then the leaves in green using the leaf tip.

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  1. this cake looks so good! loved the color combination and the delicate flower decorations!!! - Gauri