Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Modelling Chocolate Roses

This was just some experimenting with the leftover modelling chocolate. I had watched some online videos on youtube regarding making the modelling chocolate roses and wanted to give it a try. They were pretty easy to make especially after watching the videos. I have already shared the recipe for the modelling chocolate in the blog in earlier post.

First knead your modelling chocolate paste well and make it smooth. Then take a small piece of the modelling chocolate and roll it into a ball of about a small marble size. Make this ball into a cone shape and let it sit on parchment/wax paper. Then take another small marble size ball of the chocolate and roll it into a D shape, thinning out the edges to give it a look of petal. Attach this petal as to cover the whole cone. Trim off if there is any extra chocolate. Again take another small ball and roll it into a D shape thinning out the edges. Then just curve the petal in the middle and also slightly roll it back at the edges to give it a natural look. Attach this petal to the covered cone and bring it over the cone but not fixing it completely. Repeat the procedure for the petals and go on tucking each petal inside the previous one till you get the desired size rose. Around 10-12 petals give you a big rose. Its much easier if you watch the videos and do it instead of understanding it by reading. This is surely a great start for decorating some cakes in creative way!!

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