Friday, April 16, 2010

Spongebob Cake

This was my preparation for my son's 7th Birthday..He wanted a "spongebob" cake and also wanted his best friend "patrick" on the cake. It took me around 3 hours to design the whole cake but it was worth it for the smile it had put on my son's face after I finished the cake!!.

Orange cake. I had made two 13x9 inches cake from Betty Crocker's Moist Orange Cake mix and used them one on top the other.

This time I used the mixed frosting, i.e, I frosted the base cake with Kraft's whipped cream frosting and for the other details of the cake like the cartoons and the borders of the cake I used the buttercream frosting. The recipe for buttercream frosting is under the Wilton Cake Course section of the blog.

After baking the two cakes, I cut out the cakes and level them. I spreaded the whipped cream on top of one of the cake evenly and then put the other cake on it and then frosted the whole cake with blue color whipped cream icing. To give it an effect of sea waves, I used the baking comb on the top of the cake.

With a bag filled with piping gel, I drew the outlines of spongebob and patrick on the cakes. Then for spongebob, I used the buttercream frosting with a round tip #3 and filled out the spongebob with the appropriate colors in their places. Similarly, for patrick using the star tip #14 I just filled out the whole cartoon with appropriate colors in the right places. For the border, I used the grass tip with green color and then using the round tip just decorated the grass with pink and violet colors. For the bottom border, I used the round tip#12 with green color. Then using the tip #3 again, I created the pink sea flowers on the side of the cake.

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